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Ranfurly Village has grown exponentially in the last two years into a thriving community.  Ranfurly Village was specifically designed with a strong urban focus. “Since 1903 Ranfurly has been serving the community and we proudly carry on this tradition. We know that residents want to be part of the community, not hide away behind fences and look inwards. The strong architecture makes a statement, together with a renovated Ranfurly House, we really are part of the community" says Graham Wilkinson, Director of Generus Living Group.

We can really see this focus on community within the activities and events that have been taking place over the past year. The Annual Garden Party earlier this year was well attended with around 250 residents, family and friends enjoying the festivities. There have been various speakers at the village, including a number of authors, bowling tournaments with other villages and various trips as far north as Matakana and south of Hamilton. The Ranfurly Residents’ Committee have been busy organising regular events including a fortnightly mix and mingle evening and pot luck dinners. The Ranfurly Veteran’s Trust held the annual ANZAC Day service at Ranfurly Hospital which was attended by over 250 people including MP’s Michael Wood and Parmjeet Parmar.   

The close relationship between Ranfurly Village and Three Kings School continues to grow, with students visiting the village on numerous occasions as well as a group of residents that go over to the school each week and volunteer in a Reading Mileage program. Ranfurly Village has also donated a Cup for the school's annual prizegiving. The Ranfurly Cup is awarded to the students for their ability to express themselves creatively and to use innovative thinking.  The Village maintains a close relationship with various Bowling Clubs in the local area, in particular Royal Oak/Epsom Bowling Club and Hillsboro Bowls. With the transformation of Ranfurly House nearly complete, it will resume its place as the centrepiece of the village’s community facilities and provide even more opportunity for residents to interact and engage. The facilities including a library, cafe & brasserie, lounge bar, arts and crafts space and boutique cinema will further complement the village’s existing facilities.


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