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Health Advice for Winter

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As the days become shorter and the weather becomes increasingly chillier, it’s clear that winter is right on our doorstep.

Sure the season brings with it all kinds of perks like cosy clothes, a new reason to revamp your home or personal space, and a whole lot of delicious cold-weather treats, but there can be some health related challenges too.

In winter, our immunity can be compromised by the cold and we can feel ourselves getting easily run down or afflicted with more ailments than usual. While vigilance with things like hand-washing and hand-sanitation are definitely key, there are a few more fundamental steps that you can proactively take to keep your all-important health in check.

Doctor Colin Ding says, “The first and most important thing for winter is to get the flu injection”. People should consult with their doctor around the options for them. “Regular check ups are also good – if you are suffering with anything, see a doctor or seek medical help right away, don’t leave it too late.”

Dr Ding also adds that a balanced and healthy diet with an emphasis on greens is important when it comes to combatting poor health during the colder months. “Plenty of green vegetables and fruit every day are important.”

To stimulate the mind and soul – also important to nurturing wellbeing – Dr Ding suggests that remaining active through exercise each and every day is essential as is meeting and socialising with new people.


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